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2024 All-Ireland Inter-Varsity Snooker Tournament

QE1 Club in Belfast on Friday 1st March & Saturday 2nd March 2024.

Current information valid of 4th January 2024 but subject to change.

Event Information

  • This will be a 4 player team event where teams will play at least 3 group matches before proceeding to a semi-final and final.

  • Each individual player will play a 3 frame match within a 2 hour window.  All 3 frames will be worth a point each for your team and will be recorded in a league table.

  • The top 2 teams in each group will proceed to the semi-finals of the Cup Competition, whilst the bottom 2 will proceed to the semi-finals of the Shield Competition.

  • In the event of 2 teams finishing on the same amount of points the winner of their head-to-head match will be placed in the higher position.

  • If a match finishes with an even score, i.e. 6 frames each, each team will nominate 1 player to take part in a black ball fight to determine the winner of that match.

  • If 3 teams finish on the same points the positions will be decided by a count of the scores when the scores from the matches with the 4th team have been removed.

  • All decisions made by the Tournament Director will be final.


This tournament is endorsed by Student Sport Ireland, Snooker & Billiards Ireland (SBI), and Northern Ireland Billiards & Snooker Association (NIBSA), and therefore requires full adherance to the following policies:

  • Student Sport Ireland Eligibility Criteria.

  • Dress Code - each team should have matching shirts/polo shirts with black slacks & black shoes

  • Tardiness - Each team should make the Tournament Director aware of the their arrival at least 30mins before the event is due to begin.  If any player is not in position to begin their match within 60 seconds of their appointed match time they will automatically lose the first frame.  If they are still not in position to play 16 mins after the appointed time a second frame will be automatically given to their opponent.  If they are still not in position to play 31mins after the appointed time the match will be automatically given to their opponent on a 3-0 scoreline.  

  • Respect - The utmost respect must be shown throughout for your opponent, the officials, members of the public, and the facilities.  If at any stage it's deemed that respect has not been shown the officials will penalise the player and/or team by means ranging from a one frame penalty per match to full disqualification and suspension from subsequent tournaments.

How to Enter

The fee for admission is €60 or £55 per player and participating colleges should email to request entry.  You will then receive details of how payment should be made and the requirements in the lead up to the event.

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